The Birth of the Dirt… Rag

I only remember the moments. The Macintosh SE30. Because it was cool. Launching the Pagemaker layout program and realizing the blank page needed to be filled. With words. Postscript fonts. My first mountain bike (Supergo Access). The joy of the backyard trails. The camaraderie of the local races. The words. Dirt. Rag. From where did they come? The prototype, 8 pages, poorly dot-matrix printed. Taken to every bike shop in town. Selling enough ads to pay for printing. Getting the words. And clip art. Making the Mag. Collating and folding with friends. Delivering to shops. Passing out at races.

And so it went, each issue generating enough cash to print the next. Going to all the events. The support. The growth. For the mountain biker of PA-WV-OH. For the mountain biker of the northeast. For the mountain biker of the east. For the world.

From one room. To an attic. To a basement. To a whole house. The love, support, encouragement pushing us the whole way. To this day.

— Maurice Tierney

Founder, publisher, and owner